OUR team

A top-tier team with thirty years of experience in
successfully delivering results with AI

Luca Maria Gambardella

Luca Maria Gambardella - Artificialy SA Lugano

AI expert with 35 years of experience in the field

He is a co-founder of Artificialy in Lugano where he holds the positions of Chief of Applied AI and Chief Technology Officer. He is a full Professor at the Faculty of Informatics of USI in Lugano and Professor of the worldwide known IDSIA, the "Dalle Molle" Institute for Artificial Intelligence (USI-SUPSI) that he directed for 25 years until 2020. In his career he has successfully negotiated, conducted and delivered many AI and ML projects with Swiss and international companies. This list includes among others well-established companies such as Honeywell Bull, Migros, Number1, Georg Fischer, Alpiq, UBS, SGS, DXT Commodities and PMI such as Casale, Board International, Paradox Engineering, QBT, Medigest, C-Labs, Astes4, Protoscar). Scientifically, he is one of the pioneers of the ant colony optimization metaheuristics. He has published more than 300 scientific articles, is h-index is 71 with more than 55’000 citations (according to Google scholar)

Marco Zaffalon

Marco Zaffalon - Artificialy SA Lugano

AI and ML expert with 25 years of experience in the field

He is a co-founder of Artificialy in Lugano, where he holds the positions of Chief Scientist and Chief Operating Officer. He is a Professor at SUPSI and Scientific Director of the reknown IDSIA, the “Dalle Molle” Institute for Artificial Intelligence (USI-SUPSI), where he has been working since 1997. Marco has 150 technical publications in main scientific journals and conferences in AI and ML, where he has a special interest in explainable, robust and causal methods. He has been cumulatively granted 14 millions of Swiss francs from research projects as well as direct mandates from companies. He has worked with UBS, Novartis, Mastercard, and several other companies of any size worldwide.

Antonio Emilio Calegari

Antonio Emilio Calegari - Artificialy SA Lugano

Senior executive with 25 year of experience in successfully managing projects, companies and innovative businesses

He joined Artificialy since its inception where he holds the position of CEO. He holds a MSc with distinction in Particle Physics (CERN, Geneva) and an MBA from INSEAD, (Fontainebleau, France). He developed a strong business background working as a project leader with Bain & Co. (strategy consultants) and founding and growing an e-commerce retail startup.  He held director roles in Infostrada, Sirti and Vodafone. Recently he held CEO positions in Diners Club International and Carlson Wagonlit Travel where he successfully led small entrepreneurial team as well as very large organization in international environments.

Alessio Benavoli

Alessio Benavoli - Artificialy SA Lugano

AI expert in probabilistic artificial intelligence and machine learning

He is an Associate Professor in Statistics at the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). Alessio has published over 100 papers in main scientific journals and conferences in AI and ML. His research focuses on integration of ML, data science and engineering. He has more than 10 years experience in developing AI-based systems for businesses with applications in manufacturing, finance, energy and defense sectors. He has worked with GF Machining Solutions, Bystronic, and several other companies worldwide.

Cassio de Campos

Cassio de Campos - Artificialy SA Lugano

AI expert in probabilistic graphical models and machine learning

He is Associate Professor at Eindhoven University where he leads the AI group. He published over 120 peer-reviewed AI-related papers and he participated to several projects with industrial parners. He serves as area chair and associate editor of top conferences (IJCAI, NeurIPS, AAAI, UAI, etc.), as well as committee member for funding agencies in Europe and America. He is board member of research financing bodies in Europe and USA. He is a senior member of ACM and an elected member of the board of sipta.org, of ellis.eu and of the Eindhoven AI Systems Institute. 

David Alvarez-Charris

Mechatronic engineer with a master degree with distinction in artificial intelligence from the University of Edimburgh

He has worked as ML engineer for Farming Online in the UK and as ML research scientist in Nnaisense (CH). He has developed specific expertise in: deep reinforcement learning model, practical use of deep convolutional neural networks for image classification and generative models (GANs) for image generation, knowledge of recurrent neural networks, Bayesian ML models and approximate inference in probabilistic graphical models, applied DNN, random forest, MLP, SOM in various problems such as satellite image, classification, character recognition, geometry classification.

Guglielmo Acabbi

Machine learning engineer with experience in natural language processing and understanding

He holds an MSc with distinction in mathematical engineering at Politecnico of Milan with a specialization in applied statistics. He worked as IT consultant with Deloitte and as ML engineer focusing on natural language processing (iGenius, Milan). He developed solid experience on data analysis, Bayesian statistics and deep learning models. Moreover, he had practical experience in natural language processing: in particular on topic analysis, named entity recognition, machine translation and text generation.

Simon Dirmeier

Computer scientist with expertise in probabilistic modelling and probabilistic programming

Simon holds a PhD in computational science from ETH Zurich and an MSc with distinction in bioinformatics from TU Munich and LMU Munich. He conducted his doctoral studies on statistical modelling of genetic interventions. He has developed scientific experience in probabilistic graphical models, Gaussian processes, Bayesian statistics, and causal inference. Simon is also broadly interested in recent advances in deep learning, such as normalizing flows and neural processes, and high-performance computing.

Stefano d’Apolito

Computational scientist with background in mathematical modelling, scientific computing, and artificial intelligence

Stefano holds an MSc from ETH Zurich in computational science and engineering and a BSc from Politecnico di Milano in mathematical engineering.  His most recent work aimed at building interpretable latent emotion representations from facial expressions using GAN-generated images. Stefano has worked with robotics (SLAM), high performance computing, computational statistics and time series methods.

Andrea Vanzo

Data Scientist. His expertise covers Natural Language Processing (NLP), Dialogue Modelling and Machine/Deep Learning.

Prior to joining Artificialy, Andrea worked as Machine Learning Engineer at SQN (Zurich, Switzerland), and as Research Fellow at Interaction Lab - Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh).
He holds a PhD in Engineering in Computer Science from Sapienza University of Rome (Lab.Ro.Co.Co.) and MSc in Engineering in Computer Science from Tor Vergata University of Rome (SAG).

Damiano Binaghi

Machine Learning Engineer. He worked on autonomous driving algorithms, advanced image processing as well as deep reinforcement learning.

Damiano is a ML engineer, he worked in autonomous driving field as part of the VisLab team, in particular he was involved in the path planner development as well as in the sensing domain focusing on image processing.

His core expertise includes: deep reinforcement learning model, deep imitation learning, GANs for domain transfer, and other neural networks for image processing.
He has been also involved in the development of real-time production-grade autonomous driving software.
He holds a MSc in Engineering in Computer Science from Politecnico of Milan. He conducted his master thesis on optimization methods in reinforcement learning field.

Simone Surace

Computational Neuroscientist/Physicist with broad expertise in time series analysis and Bayesian

Simone holds a MSc in Theoretical Physics and a PhD in Neuroscience from University of Bern. He subsequently worked as postdoctoral researcher in Bern and at the Institute of Neuroinformatics at University/ETH Zurich, specializing on particle filtering methods for nonlinear Bayesian filtering. Besides a deep expertise in design and application of statistical learning algorithms, Simone has a broad range of interests spanning from scientific programming and software design to statistics and machine learning, stochastic processes, and information theory/geometry.